Friday, July 8, 2011

Willis Walk

Now if you are still taking this journey with us. Go sit down and have an actual conversation
with a homeless person. Sit there until they end the conversation. (which will be a very long time).
We were walking through the open-air mall and Whitney Love had met a guy the day before and this day she called him by name and said "hi" and he said "thanks for saying hi to me" This about made us all cry right then and there.

Then we were making sandwiches and we didn't pre-make them and they were not used to making choices so it took them awhile. Some of them tried to make me choose for them but I made them make a decision. Someone told me that was a good idea.

Look at the Willis Walk for this week and the 5 things that are in there do for a homeless person.
1. Show up (go where they are)
2. Be engaged (sit and have a conversation)
3 Do something practical to communicate value (give socks, make a sandwich)
4. When the significant momemnt is difficult acknowledge that persons experience (this one might be a bit more difficult with a homeless person because their experiences are so far removed from anything we would understand or want to understand)
5. Make an effort to stay in touch (Benny will have to do this for us here in CO)

We played frisbie in the park with some of our new friends. We lost the frisbie in the creek.

We are not allowed to take pictures so we won't have any more pictures for the rest of the time.

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